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‘Bad Teacher’ Porn: the Politics Behind Our Obsession with Stories of...
01-18-2018, 09:47 AM
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‘Bad Teacher’ Porn: the Politics Behind Our Obsession with Stories of...
‘Bad Teacher’ Porn: the Politics Behind Our Obsession with Stories of Student-Teacher Sex

From the article:
Quote:Americans may not like to admit it, but we love crime. Look to the recent popularity of the podcast "Serial," or the ten-odd new detective shows that pop up on cable networks every fall. A particularly weird fetish in our crime lovefest is the type of stories that seem to appear every day in the news of school teachers having sex with their students or selling them drugs. You don’t hear stories about other local government employees—mail carriers, for example—committing sex crimes. Is it that television has made us hungry for horror stories from classrooms, or is something more sinister at play?

On the surface, it’s clear why these stories are interesting to so many. Teachers are supposed to be role models, even stand-in parents to some. So when they do wrong, it stokes a certain kind of outrage in us that we don’t feel when we hear about corrupt politicians or greedy CEOs. But it’s not (technically, anyway) the job of the media to give us what we want to hear. They’re supposed to deliver, in fair proportion, the stories that are most vital. It certainly may be in the interest of local news sites to alert their communities about allegations against teachers in nearby schools. This fits the logic of having public registers of pedophiles, after all. But why do these stories so often make the pages of national outlets like the New York Times or the Washington Post? On closer look, you can tell a lot about a publication’s biases based on how they approach such stories. (I’m referring to them as “bad teacher” porn because the stories are often sensational and because there are underlying elements of politics and violence in the ways they’re told. They also give us an opportunity to probe into the basest elements of human psychology, just like internet porn.)

Let’s first turn to conservative media.

Fox News is clearly in this game for the advertising revenue. Its crime section is particularly interested in sex crimes that involve salacious and vile stories. Fox certainly isn’t alone; “bad teacher” stories are moneymakers for publishers. As Business Insider reported, “a columnist had admitted that he had written an article called 'Why Teachers Have Sex With Their Students' because he thought it would get a lot of pageviews.” The headline of that Business Insider piece? “Why Teachers Have Sex With Their Students.” Of course.


Most of this goes to the obvious: money. Big ratings gets big bucks. The insane free news coverage candidate Trump got.

One factor not noted was the 24-hour news cycle. With cable and internet outlets trying to out-do each other, recycling the headline of the hour makes sense. Neo-con media, especially catering to the lowest dregs of society and adding the anti-intellectual element, tends to drive the narrative of the salacious and sensational, forcing the others to follow.

Seeing it so often tends to skew reality. The vast majority of teachers are caring competent professionals that do the job well, but that doesn't work well with US media. If it bleeds, it leads! is the motto of most newsrooms. That's where the money is. Sadshake

Conservatism (n.), the irrational fear that somewhere someone you think is inferior is being treated as your equal.
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01-18-2018, 10:51 AM
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RE: ‘Bad Teacher’ Porn: the Politics Behind Our Obsession with Stories of...
I don't know what ails people to have sex with students...hormones maybe. When teachers are a few years older than students there is an identity issue. Teacher doesn't automatically say maturity. Locally there was a teacher=student issue...and then two more students came forward before the case went to court. The teacher killed himself. My advice to students and teachers...keep your distance. And tell immediately if overtures are made, before it goes farther. People forget "NO" is a perfectly acceptable response.

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