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A Carousel Spinning With Deception And Accusation
07-26-2017, 12:08 PM
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A Carousel Spinning With Deception And Accusation
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DDIt's summertime, when kids ride carousels at amusement parks. Carousels were once for fun, but in the wrong hands, with the wrong operators, they can turn swiftly to dangerous business. Our politics has become a dangerous carousel. It's speed too swift, its worn parts dysfunctional, its promise of fun hiding bad things and mounting problems, the political carousel is spinning out of control. Here's a list of its broken rides.

Rural Development

Rural development in Trump's administration is built on the empty promise that underfunding programs vital to rural success will strengthen future generations and lower the federal debt. That empty promise ignores the underfunding is really a redistribution of tax revenues to the rich. That shift in resources is very much taking place in the present--now!--not an unforeseeable future!

As rural communities lose now, the rich benefit now. It is wise to remember that federal debt funds thousands of retirement plans for millions of Americans. Federal debt supports our banking system; they invest deposits in Treasury bills and notes. Pension funds, public and private, also invest in the trusted security of Treasury notes and bills, growing their pension funds to provide for the longevity of their retirees. Many institutions park their endowment funds in federal debt, the safest on the planet.

Despite the repeated legend, the myth defies the fact: the majority of federal debt is owned by Americans, not China. Japan--not China!--is the largest international holder of federal debt, but the US Federal Reserve owns more of the federal debt than either country (US/China comparison: $2.16 to $1.31 trillion (64% more!)).

Putting America first is not helped by cutting programs that support its rural communities and or by ignoring its cities. Budget cuts are not policy plans. This administration's only focus appears to be put the wealthy over the rural, the sick and poor, and working families.

Transgender Military Personnel

Trump has excluded transgender individuals from all forms of military service. Ignorance is personified when myth and lies defile the truth! Truth is military cooks or clerks fingers are not an "experiment" with gender; neither or transportation experts, combat medical officers--or any job in any branch of military service! Gender of any form is irrelevant to doing the job assigned, the skills involved, and the standard of excellent expected.

It is irrelevant not to accept any person for who they are--that is the American Dream, its founding pillar. What is called in talking points  "a social experiment" conceals an agenda of limits and hate through appeals to discrimination, escapism, and hate.

A New York Times article (last year) reported a Rand Corporation study report has estimated only 65 service members in all branches would seek gender re-assignment each year. 65 people. Trump has hit the proverbial ant with a nuclear implosion with wide collateral damage.

Trump's budget politics reveals--not hides, reveals--his bigotry. To cover his prejudice, he offers pretense and blame. This decision comes from a man documented to have physically assaulted 14 women by grabbing/kissing/feeling against their will  and who ducked the draft. Those who want to "take politics out" of the military should let transgender persons in and give them the right to serve. Its time for full rights for all Americans.

Trump lies!  "High" healthcare costs are not associated with transgender individuals; the costs of discrimination and exclusion and the illness of hate that divides us are what is rising! End hate and discrimination, and all excuses, now!

Finally, Healthcare

The idea of the Senate debating the acceptable number of how many will die and suffer in order to provide wealth for the rich is ludicrous and absurd. Its cruelty should invoke singular agreement. Balance sheet politics is strapping America to a gurney of failure and broken promises.

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07-26-2017, 12:50 PM
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RE: A Spinning Carousel Of Deception And Accusation
I am mad as hell about DT and the spineless GOP suckers. Humanity is foreign to them, they are foreign to me. Honestly, I'm surprised they can still walk freely in public.

My President is Barack Obama.
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