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From The Spin Of Lies, A Truth Emerges
07-21-2017, 07:34 AM
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From The Spin Of Lies, A Truth Emerges
Read the full article on the blog.
DDA cam is a mechanical moving part; cams open and close passages that lead to interior functions that power machines; cams are efficient at opening and closing access to energy sources, but when the idea is applied to political policy, the cam represents a device for the way Trump and his team open and close access to crucial policy issues, especially healthcare and foreign policy.

Under Trump, the cam works to close access more than it does to open access. The political cam operates to deflect attention from bad decisions--often by putting worse decisions in the public eye! What can be worse than using healthcare for political blackmail--using crisis created by politics to take the country hostage? The encroachment of Russian influence into America's foreign policy. These bi-polar twins open and close, but conceal the worst of their actions by spinning the glimpses we receive, often by tweets!

Trump's blaming Jeff Sessions for not investigating himself, a principle of legal ethics and law, is a typical Trump deflection--it distracted from the little noticed Trump's ban of CIA programs that train and arm resistance to Syria's Assad! Distraction is a countermeasure present in the timing and decisions made by Trump/his team going back to the GOP convention (when lead by a Russian lobbyist, his team changed the GOP platform, weakening its call for Russian sanctions) to the imbroglio with Gen. Flynn, his NSA director, who discussed Russian sanctions without authorization before he was in office, and then lied.

Distraction hid Erik Prince, his sister is EdSec, he a security owner whose employees were tried for killing innocent civilians in Iraq. Prince met “incidentally” in the Seychelles (an island nation in the Indian Ocean) with a Putin ally. Jared Krushner sought to arrange back channel communications to Russian officials, bypassing US official portals. Donald, Jr. “loved it” when he arranged a meeting, thinking the Russians were willing to provide information “to support” his father's election. Trump deflected these moves with tweets about Obama and the media!

The day after Comey's firing, Trump revealed state secrets: he reported highly classified information provided to the US by the Isrealis that put an intelligence operation at;risk; he also told the Russian foreign minister and ambassador that with Comey's firing, “the pressure's off." Then he stood for a Russian photo-op.

His deflection--his spinning cam--often makes things worse, as do his appeals to authority. Putin put him on display at the G20. Trump's submissiveness, plainly visible, distributed world leaders. Clearly, Trump is Putin's bitch. To court his favor, Trump supplicants America's policy to Putin's will. The latest, deflected by healthcare and his bizarre criticism of Sessions and more make-believe about Comey, occurred when Trump ordered a CIA stand down on aid and assistance to anti-Assad rebels is Syria, a policy Putin has advocated. His own officials say was changed "to work with" Russia. Other former officials have called the program's end, a "victory for Moscow."

So by official account, the sudden change in Syria is tied to Russia! Oh, he can still fire Sessions. Which shows the headline of about Session's recusal was a deflection, a cam opening a new topic to hide the absurdity and damage of another topic of crucial importance to the Middle East. Watching the spinning cam, its deflections aside, a truth is revealed within all of the movement: a Trump vote was a vote for Putin. And the destruction of healthcare.

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07-21-2017, 02:54 PM
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RE: From The Spin Of Lies, A Truth Emerges
Ohhh crap. DT's DNA must be 98% Russian toady and 2% American. I've run out of words to describe him, but there is an FU before every time I type his initials. Never have I heard of such corruption that surrounds him and wonder if he has done one good thing in his life. Will we survive this? I suppose so but we'll never be the same.

My President is Barack Obama.
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