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The Senate Takes A Magic Carpet Ride
06-28-2017, 07:26 PM
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The Senate Takes A Magic Carpet Ride
Read the full article on the blog.
I wonder when will freedom come?
Not just for you, not just for me.
But freedom for everyone!
Lord, are we too late?
How long must we make freedom wait?
--Memphis Slim, Blues artist


When America was great, all it took was a tab of acid to produce a thrilling, danger-laden, alternative universe, magic carpet ride. Now the thrill zone of no-return belongs to a President and Republican Senators who fly frequently near the dark edge of evil, feeling its very power. Among the Men-as-devils, living demons (living evil!), a few who are imperfect cratered a bill that removes 15 million Americans from healthcare. To kiss and make-up, they boarded a bus for the White House* (*No Democrats allowed; they are blocking appointments not nominated!).

In the White House, white servants broke out hidden flasks of Russian vodka, and posed nudes photographed and stashed during a state visit emerged as the White House reception turned into a locker room. The vodka was traded for the Comey tapes. Who cares about healthcare? Obama obstructed--"the pressure is off."

The strange smell of death and new wealth, of uninsured cadavers and newly minted money stacked/shrink-wrapped/and strapped for the rich mingled in the Red Room, above the rim of the giant crater left by the insurance implosion. Drolling with botox and anticipation, each waited to lick the rim, a secret ritual demanded by Leader McConnell, but some refused.

The transgender lesbian president (watch his hands!) who refuses a gray rinse spoke on behalf of the White House Klan chapter and big business. His remarks, unencrypted and leaked: "Senators--fellow rogues, demons, and barbarians--ignore the doctors, nurses, hospitals, AARP—ignore America! White magic will deconstruct the administrative state. The bill will steal Treasury's bunce and give to the rich while scattering death among the poor and traitors, among the blamed and hated. It bans incentives/initiatives, new thinking, new health policy. It isolates America from single payer. It will kill not only people but also hospitals and put doctors, nurses, and technicians out of work, leaving only unfilled jobs for the next election cycle."  The carpet he got from the Saudi king hovered in the corner, idling.

"By economic alchemy, death becomes wealth! Its excess rises from waste! Decrease is increase!"

The coal furnace, newly installed, blackened their faces, but black lives didn't matter. Nor did women. The coven, swooped around the room flying on backward brooms; they mingled with shadowy figures. They were intoxicated with power, filled with darkness, its powers of deception. The Senators, guardians of this power, know to keep opposing the bill's new draft; it will make the final agreement look like a good deal.


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06-29-2017, 08:10 AM
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RE: The Senate Takes A Magic Carpet Ride
Reality spoken. I love a good allegory and this delivers. I don't look at this as excessive, but honest. We are seeing it happen, in modern terms from the radical right-wing of our politics. Death to the peasants, the money mongers will sell us out for 30 pieces of silver...or in this case gold plating. The upside down country we live in is not for faint hearts, it's for the truth tellers. If only it can get through the pile of lies behind every door, it can set us more time.

My President is Barack Obama.
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