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The Heart Of Peace
06-15-2017, 02:40 PM
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The Heart Of Peace
Read the full article on the blog.
DDThe heart of peace demands a hard truth: on bigger playing fields, rhetoric and greed are silent killers--scattered statistics of 3 million dead from loss of healthcare over the next decade doesn't risk reelection or gain the attention of the single incident of a high profile shooting—yet the Washington Post reports 155 mass shootings of 4 or more persons in the first 164 days of 2017.

An unequal playing field exists between random violence and terror and the civilized use of public policy for selective genocide, made invisible by its scattered statistics. Political power hitters have a public advantage over the public. Their rhetoric and greed protects both wealth and oppression, in the political hit-and-run, or the classic double steal. But when the game becomes extreme, violence emerges.

The 155th mass shooting of the year struck a high level legislator of a party known for divisive, raw edged criticism--for documented calls and incidents of violence (2nd amendment solutions, bomb hell out of them, body slammed reporters), lies and hyperbole about violence (invented massacres, denied incitement, the politics of grief) the thought that violence is patriotic: Trump's followers, during the last campaign, expressed a need for “doing what needs to be done; many said they were ”willing to “taking matters into their own hands,” and were “looking for revolution.”

The nation wallows in grief, blame, and silence over violence: an US military night raid in Yemen killed an 8 year old American girl—and 8 other children. (Its mission goal, computer hard drives.) Oregon and Kansas are dealing with racist killings and unrepentant perpetrators. Yet, this is just chaff swirling down into a bigger vortex of collapse, from local to global, despite increases in global wealth.

In an irony of wealth, its excess creates waste. Its unemployment and poverty, its politics of blame and scapegoating, its diversion from truth, its hate and lies poison and corrupt the social order. Deep down, the politicians and the rich knew violence was the next step. Extreme measures cause lives to be lost.

Ignore the sham of unity: their actions, against women and families, against workers, stripping rights and protections for internet use, consumer investments, health, clean air, education, and wage growth, the double standards summon and signal its return. Violence not tied to terror but domestic politics and public policy is rising once again.

The surprise is the silent left returned fire. Republicans forgot the Civil War had two sides; some seek to protect the Union as we know it. The surprise is it is still in the statistical stage, random, unorganized, carried out by lone actors without support. The next step (which is being not addressed!) is organized efforts for which terrorist groups are a model. Organized violence by civilians in America is an old tradition that defies the heart of peace. The NRA lies, proven with each incident: peace will not come from the barrel of a gun.

Stop the bullets; make the ballot count.


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RE: The Heart Of Peace
Peace seems to be the last option, I'd like to see it tried. We can't change generations of racists in one swoop, but we can change this generation who can then stand up for equality in the next. And so it should go...if we could shut the mouths of the deniers!

My President is Barack Obama.
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