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Wyoming coal miners have high hopes for Trump amid national turbulence
05-18-2017, 10:58 AM
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Wyoming coal miners have high hopes for Trump amid national turbulence

From the article:
Quote:Ever since November, Stacey Moeller, a 58-year-old lifelong Democrat, feels a sense of hope when she wakes up at 3:45 each morning. The unexpected reason: Donald Trump.

Moeller is a career coal miner in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. When she works day shifts, she gets up early to make lunch (her favorite: sliced vegetables and turkey), feed her part-dachshund, Rosie, and make it to the mine with enough time to spare so she can catch up with her work friends before her shift starts.

"Because of the kind of work we do — it's dangerous and it's demanding — we have to take care of each other," Moeller said as she drove to one of her 12-hour shifts last month. "Because our lives depend on it, we become a family. And that's what I love the most, is the kind of people that I've met."

Residents said that's just the kind of place that Gillette, Wyoming, is: It's one of the largest cities in the heart of a coal-rich basin where people pride themselves on the work they do and the care they show their neighbors.


Technology is the fault that some job categories are going away, and Trump can do no more to change it than he can stop the march of time. Horse and buggies went away with the internal combustion engine, the manufacturing jobs went away to cheaper markets. The old mill towns and the one-company career jobs are gone, never to return. A high-school diploma will not make it anymore, but POC knew that a LONG time ago. We've never had the luxury of thinking that one could survive on just a HS diploma. Some go to college, a lot go through trade schools and get barber and cosmetology licenses, or various other certificate programs.

Like everyone else Trump has fooled with his "I'll put you first!", meaning that someone else gets thrown under the bus, they know that their time is limited. What happens in the next 2, 5, 8, 12 years? The jobs have been going away for years. Is Trump really going to change that or anything else? Like the gun industry and the other fear-based fields, they only work as long as enough "certain people" are afraid. Trump is President, gun sales are tanking. Reality will sink in, as seen by the local town hall meetings that GOP members of Congress have fielded, most are cancelling and ducking and dodging angry constituents.

To be fair in this case, people vote in their selfish best interests, and saving one's job is valid one, as opposed to those that voted for Trump to make America white again. Trump did an effective con job, esp. for the coal miners, but the writing's on the wall. How are they going to feel when Trump can't change anything, or takes more and gives nothing in return?

P.S. A note from the Liberal Redneck, he suggested that the democrats should lie during the campaign, too, but IMO, one should not tell a lie THAT big, and lies have to be well-tracked, and that's too much to keep up with. IMO, the truth, no matter how unpleasant, is a lot better. The truth won't change, lies do.

Conservatism (n.), the irrational fear that somewhere someone you think is inferior is being treated as your equal.
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05-18-2017, 11:55 AM
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RE: Wyoming coal miners have high hopes for Trump amid national turbulence
Interesting piece. Years ago they strip mined coal north of here...the area is now a bunch of nearly bottomless lakes. People drown there every year. No reclaiming the land back then. Who buys the coal, is it shipped overseas? I like people having jobs but polluting the air and water aren't worth it.

My President is Barack Obama.
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