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Understanding The Russian Threat
05-12-2017, 11:43 AM
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Understanding The Russian Threat
Read the full article on the blog.
Many conservatives are pushing back on the idea of a legitmate Russian threat, suggesting it is an example of Democrats and liberals creating an issue that lacks substance and is really about nothing but politics. They argue that Russia or the administration have no nexus that threatens America and the left is crying "Wolf!" because of their seething anger and dislike of Donald Trump. Theirs is an argument of emotional bias. It suborns the facts!

They are projecting a strategy from their own playbook. Worse, they are tying a huge security risk to old thinking. To solve what is a new problem with new dangers and difficulties requires new measures and insights: beginning with the fact that the issue being examined is not to determine guilt or innocence--the issue is influence, symbolic and psychological influence among the world's leaders and the influence of social media tactics used to win the hearts and souls of millions of American voters. At the sub-level, the issue is possible collusion.

First, we know Russia tied an extensive social media campaign to avowed biases and beliefs; the campaign amplified the imagined dangers of religious differences as being associated with terror. The campaign accentuated the idea that minorities have more rights than whites, that the system is rigged, that political correctness infringes on the freedom of belief.

How successful was it? How large was its reach? How much American support did it receive? Where was it strongest? Can we measure its influence on voters?

We know Russia used a series of positive and negative messages on social media through thousands of bot accounts. (To earn money, kids in eastern Europe set up fake net sites capitalizing on conservative beliefs!) When were these accounts established? Are they still online? How well are these accounts concealed? It is critical to learn about the parameters of the social media campaign that Russia used, and emtheploys in other elections.

The Republican pushback wants to keep America in the dark about influence, the power of symbols and money, influence behind the scenes and in front of the camera. In fact, we have direct evidence: Lead by Russia-paid (millions!) proxy Paul Manafort, Trump's people arrived in Cleveland and pushed for a change in the GOP platform, to remove the calls for sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

We have a mighty piece of symbolic evidence; an astounding nexus! The day after Comey was fired, the most greatest symbol of American power, one in which Trump and others in his administration, sat and stared for minutes in silence, the White House's Oval Office became the back drop for a Russian photo-op: Russian news beamed exclusive Russian pictures of Trump with Russian foreign minister Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Kislyak (his conversation with Jeff Sessions caused him to recuse himself from investigating Russian electoral intrusions; his conservation with Flynn caused his belated firing) smiling for a Russian photographer. No American cameras or photographers weren't permitted! Not a single American picture was taken!Those Russian-only pictures of the Oval meeting distributed through Russian media channels show the depth of the breach, the ignorance of its occupant, and tells the world by its tableau who directs the White House and is running America. Those images diminish America as a power.

It is imperative we investigate the new tactics and strategies Russia and Putin are using as they extend influence over national elections, policies, and alliances. It is imperative to understand the powerful symbolism of a Oval Office Russian photo-op the day after Comey was fired! More than guilt or innocence is at stake!

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05-13-2017, 09:13 AM
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RE: Understanding The Russian Threat
It's so blatant, I wonder why the right keeps excusing DT.

My President is Barack Obama.
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