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Trump To Comey: "Your Fired!"
05-10-2017, 03:29 PM
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Trump To Comey: "Your Fired!"
Read the full article on the blog.
DDJames Comey's firing is the greatest sleight of hand in America's politics; it is the substance of things unseen; it puts the pea where it is not--it is a master sham of blame.

Its keys steps: Blame Hillary. Quote bi-partisan opinion. (Don't quote the President words at the time of Comey's statements or the statements of the now Attorney General; these are conspicuously absent!) Release the documents of the firing to the public. Yet the White House has not complied with any of the requests for documents from the Congress!

In his first five months, the President has fired an acting Attorney General (so far the courts have proved her right), a National Security director, and now, a director of the FBI, ostensibly for a decision and public statements made before the new President took office--some say he won't have taken office were it not for the statements!--so the his dismissal is a retrograde action, pure hindsight!

Why this backward look to an action the President once praised, heaping his bot mots on the FBI director upon further review he dismissed without a phone call or a face-to-face; who found out after the world knew? Why this expected knock out? The firing grabbed headlines. It also says to the American people to look past what lies ahead!

What is getting closer to the White House is a potential entanglement of improper actions/influence with Russia. To regain America's trust, will the President appoint any independent prosecutor to investigate Russian ties--especially if he has nothing to hide or "conceal?"

Gen. Flynn is a central character is a series of questionable Russian associations. He also broke more rules (he failed to report his payment from Russia Today, an American broadcast site for the Kremlin; he lied about his unauthorized discussions of US sanctions against Russia while working on Trump's transition; he repeated the lie as national security director.

Flynn's behavior accelerated after Obama fired him from the NSA. Then he went over-the-line and lied, and was out of compliance and out of control.

A simple, basic fact: you can't put "America First" if you are condoning off-the-record, unauthorized conversations with high level foreign officials and then lie about their content to the nation's commander-in-chief through the vice-president.

Why is it a problem? The animus is obvious: Russia violated our sovereignty. Russia hacked our political system, directly interfered in our political system and presidential election, created lies and fake news through thousands of social media bots (some of the phony stories Trump repeated!); this deliberate attack on America's democracy and its institutions, the effort to shift public opinion and undermine trust is and was real, and did do damage. (More than money is at stake!)

It's a huge problem of tone deaf perception when the former acting Attorney General Sally Yates tells a Senate committee the White House counsel asked at a second meeting why she informed him of Flynn's misrepresentations, what business is it of the Justice Department if one White House official lies to another White House official--a stunning argument that suggest lies kept within the building were simply part of the palace cabal's standard workfare of intrigue, part of the inner workings of manipulating each other for power rather than the team work of creating consensus on a national agenda.

More: Russia through its actions in Crimea and Syria, threatened US interests in Europe and the Middle East through military aggression. It vetoes peace US-led, UN-backed peace efforts between the Palestinians and Israelis. It provides weapons to a wide range of radical groups. Domestically, it violates human rights. It is neither a friend or good partner of the US. Its declared goal is to check US influence and destabilize America's politics, to undercut US economic prosperity. There is bi-partisan agreement on this!

Flynn's speaking fees are only an issue because of his willingness to hold secret, unreported conversations with high Russian officials and then directly lie to the Vice President and to the public about the issues (unauthorized!) discussed and about his payment. What and why was he hiding his engagement and emolument?

Some say no there there; it's the drill: poor performance and incompetence by Comey; no Russian intrusion--it's really about unleaked emails, unhacked communications by Hillary; a uranium deal vetted/reviewed through channels--actions in plain sight or investigated fully; it's about Gen. Flynn working for Obama (who fired him!).

Successfully gerrymandered, feeling secure, the entire GOP congress is hushed and wordless about the massive faux pas of Donald Trump. He can do no wrong, hear no wrong, see no wrong--his, the perfect Presidency which abides in lies and cover-ups at every turn, putting his ego above the national interest, his narcissism placing the country at risk.

The new war is a war of attitudes--evidence has been thrown out! It is a war not over policy but spoils and power. Trump and Republicans steer the country with three levers: repression (fights against rights, including voting and healthcare), oppression (denial of liberty by tightening authority and undoing regulation), and exclusion (removing diversity from power, defying popular voices, disregarding evidence and facts--seen in the all white, all male Senate health committee of cronies McConnell appointed).

Trump brings something new to the table: the insistence that Russia and Putin have a seat at the American table no matter how much mischief they have caused, no matter the global damage they engage, no matter the domestic repression aimed at Putin's opponents or challenges to his ideas.

Trump has submitted America to a country whose economy is the size of Spain (its GDP declined last year!), a warmonger, territory thief, a military force that crosses borders, a murderer of civilians, a country of socialist billionaires.

Wealth and power drive the love from which Trump's commitment to irrevocable infallibility refuses to budge.

It's about Russia, despite Hillary (and Comey!) taking the blame.

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05-11-2017, 07:50 AM
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RE: Trump To Comey: "Your Fired!"
Just heard on tv that DT is launching a Presidential Investigation in to Russian interference (or not) in the election. To me it signals the shutdown of the intel investigations by prez decree. Pence and one more repub will lead it...of course! Liars only and Pence is showing himself to be chief-ring-kisser who lies with parental (DT) approval. This is not my dad's America.

My President is Barack Obama.
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05-11-2017, 10:05 AM
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RE: Trump To Comey: "Your Fired!"
I got that wrong:
Trump to launch "Commission on Election Integrity" today led by Kobach.

My President is Barack Obama.
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