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Donald Trump's Non-Learning Curve
04-28-2017, 07:08 PM
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Donald Trump's Non-Learning Curve
Read the full article on the blog.
DDA New York Times columnist offered a revised view of Donald Trump. What David Brooks calls "adaptable," most of the world, its leaders--and Times readers--see as unstable. What Brooks offers with faint praise as the "ultimate protean man," others see as a dangerous chimera, a developer of illusions and contradictions--a generator of dishonesty and diametrically opposed extremes whose passive moments deepen his attachment to conflict and opposition--he maps the world in clashing odds: we vs. them, friends vs. enemies, winners and losers--he frames himself as good will and strength misunderstood, smeared by hate and dissent. As President, Trump has erected and elevated an old character: the hero as a victim; as a victim, he gains even greater power than the hero. As a victim, he shirks responsibility, dodging and avoiding accountability as he explores its variations while never wavering from the lies he claims as truth.

He is fundamentally a lazy man, a braggart, deeply insecure and deeply narcissistic. His nuances are reserved for his lies--quotation marks around wiretapped, his promises made which are never forth coming, his weekly invention of blood threats never realized (terrorists flooding the borders and cities), his fake attack on a military target (firing 59 missiles leaving runways and planes intact), his dismal of a real Russian cyber threat to undermine democracy and its institutions and the Russian turnstile of his officials in the campaign and government, his exploitation of grief for political gain, his Obama obsession, his plots of blame. There is his depth! Its the discovery of sensationalism, of wild conjecture, the endless outpouring of postulation never before seen.

Depth will never be found in his policies, domestic or foreign; it is not in the design or DNA of the man.

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