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Blame, Blindness, Belligerence, And Bad Temper: The Mandala of Donald Trump
04-04-2017, 01:52 PM
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Blame, Blindness, Belligerence, And Bad Temper: The Mandala of Donald Trump
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DDA mandala is an ancient symbol, a simple circle that shows the completeness and self-unity of something being observed. The circle locates and identifies qualities, their caliber, constitution, and condition; it visually describes how these qualities are organized and used; it is a mirror of the person or institution seen from the principles of the divine. Take away the divine, the mandala and the person lose its meaning. Divine insights mark humanity's highest standards and principles of justice. Divine wisdom is revealed through our its references in social activity. Mainly by an ascribed understanding that the foundation of life itself is divine truth that also holds a warning: among its system of complex truths lay a common spoiler, the human temporal craving to overcome its own limits, a struggle that brings forth the worst in humanity, beginning with the lies that are its foundation of spoilers. Trump's chosen lie, his spoiler, is that the divine must be dethroned and replaced by human leaders armed with force. For him, truth is the enemy of safety. Power is infallible. Others surround us with dangers.

So Trump's mandala becomes an endless circle of blame, blindness, belligerence, and bad temper--a blunt warning and alarm of danger and destruction stoked by the deception of fear; an evil pretending to be good without divine rebuke, a desultory chaos of inconsistency whose permanent features are force and lies.

Using the mandala to enter the world of Donald Trump's darkness, in the quadrant of ideas we fine blame. Trump uses blame to cover up and protect his massive flaws of intellect, his mistakes in judgment, his absence of innovation, his disrespect for tradition, his insecurity with the success of institutions of government bigger than his golf courses and licensed hotel deals of which he constantly brags, and his sheer ineptness and inadequacy in grasping complex issues of policy, global humanity, foreign relations, and trade.

Blame covers his emotional dysfunctions, dominated by his narcissism.

In the next quadrant of organization, we find blindness. Trump doesn't know how things or processes work. He is a little man with a loud mouth who drowns the truth that his executive order on foreign travel disrupted medical programs in tens of rural cities. Real people suffered for his fantasies and fear mongering.

Here, Trump is his biggest threat to others. Congressional testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee by former FBI counter intelligence agent Clinton Watts revealed and documents the specifics of Trump's campaign using several Russian active measures that were anti-Clinton and anti-democracy intended to influence American voters. Trump used Russian active measures targeted at him and fell into the trap Putin laid for him. He became a tool of Russian intelligence, yet Russia targeted him was explained and examples of his willingly used Russian information that had been discredited, he blames the entire body of evidence of his own choices as a political attack by Democrats.

In the next quadrant, the one that furthers community, we find belligerence. It took Trump only two weeks to spill the blood of innocent children in Yemeni, killed during an illegal, intrusive military raid for flash drives that lost a $78 million helicopter. His "better, cheaper" healthcare bill would have killed 36,000 a year from lack of coverage. His aggressive disruption of undocumented families is an aggregated form of social violence which includes women's rights.

Every dictator, despot, who kills, executes, imprisons, murders his opposition is seen as strong by Trump and is welcomed to America's warmest friendship.

In the final quadrant that preserves the common force of beauty and joy, that holds laughter and paradoxes, the range of our collective common cautions and extremes, we find bad temper. Bad temper plagues his bad judgment, his blindness and is a major part of the outrage of his blame. Yet by divine measures, his governing is a surfeit of compassion and forgiveness. He prefers threats over security. His policies are hollow and absent of vision. He prefers tearing down the progress of inclusion and merit. By divine measures, he finds no path of peace and his journey is driven by greed. He prefers balance sheets that leverage loopholes. He finds no joy. His a sad, pathetic man.

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04-05-2017, 10:45 AM
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RE: Blame, Blindness, Belligerence, And Bad Temper: The Mandala of Donald Trump
DT is trying to evade Assad's gassing the people yesterday in Syria...Putin upholds Assad as a fellow dictator and all around killer...and DT upholds Putin. That circle goes nowhere for the US. Where is the real prez condemning Assad and NK, he's busy doing nothing and the people everywhere are wondering who is our leader...we don't have one.

My President is Barack Obama.
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