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For Republicans, Health Care Is Wealth Care
03-08-2017, 08:16 AM
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For Republicans, Health Care Is Wealth Care
Read the full article on the blog.
DDAgain, under Republicans, the rich and wealthy win! The latest victory is in healthcare. After eight long years of promising a repeal, their Obamacare replacement is a total lost for the middle class. Working families will suffer and become sicker. The poor will see healthcare rationed, offered as a state lottery. Those best able to afford the costs of healthcare gain the most! One estimate shows the top 0.1 percent may receive $177,000; those folk enjoy incomes above $1.7 million.

The bill is not about healthcare: it's a bill that redistributes the costs of care to working families, provides them less support than before, limits benefits for the poor, and provides a windfall of income returned to the rich. The Republican healthcare bill is a classic expression of the American political economy, disguised as conservative movement, but really a wildly constructed fantasy that death is better than liberty--the freedom from illness.  Liberty is worthless when it is derived from a government benefit that supports the common good.

But is it in the national interest--or a measure of greatness--to add to the economic burdens of working families--by making them pay more and also raising costs? (The credits are sliding scale, the premiums have higher limits.) Why are these families being given the main duty of covering costs, esp. when the same Republicans have loudly resisted and voted against any raise in wages for families? (Yet all the while, promising good jobs!)

The economics of the new bill--the main reason why it was hidden and not marked by the CBO--loads middle class families heavily with costs to the point of distress! Consumers cannot save in health accounts when they have no discretionary income. The bill adds 30 percent to interrupted coverage; seniors pay 5 times the lowest rates; caps are removed. Republicans continue to argue their abuse of power is based on principle. It is rooted in money and wealth. Their argument against government is a one-sided, double standard, since they ensure, at every turn, government works for the rich. Its service to the rich is double-sided: the poor pay more and do why less; the law limits their take and lowers their standard and quality of life. The wealthy gain more; the limit eliminates the barriers to accumulation, The value assigned to workers is assigned to their accounts. The burdens of the poor are assigned to the government,  which reduces their share. The healthcare bill starkly highlights this division and inequality.

This is not "greatness." This is a heartless attack on the middle class. It's a sham that benefits the rich and denies healthcare to those who currently have it. It is death by statistics  and accounting, the names antonymous and faceless, to add bunce to the Republican balance sheet.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Patients receive fresh air treatment on the sun porch at Waverly Tuberculosis Hospital in Louisville, Ky. No date.[/caption]
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03-08-2017, 10:45 AM
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RE: For Republicans, Health Care Is Wealth Care
I am glad to see you reduce the repeal and replace to the farce being played on the people. The rich will get care as always, the rest will lose subsiides in awhile. Medicare will be left to die off...we need military $$$ and the old folks will end up vouchered to 'states rights' so when the money is gone all care is done until next year...if you live that long. The same will happen to Medicaid faster, it's not a new entitlement as the teabags say, it's the lifeblood of the poor.

Thank you Walt.

My President is Barack Obama.
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03-08-2017, 03:41 PM
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RE: For Republicans, Health Care Is Wealth Care
The GOP has always hated social programs and regulations on business. Now, they get to do both! They get to wreck what few gains to help the people granted by the ACA, they get to pay off their rich masters with more tax cuts, and they get to allow the healthcare system to charge without regulations. Everybody the GOP cares about wins! Nanner

...except the 99% Rest of Us, and especially the Trump voters, who are finding out that THEY are being thrown under the bus, too. Sadshake

Conservatism (n.), the irrational fear that somewhere someone you think is inferior is being treated as your equal.
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03-08-2017, 08:05 PM
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RE: For Republicans, Health Care Is Wealth Care
The Trump supporters are, basically, peasants.
That includes the wealthier and more affluent. They, too are peasants.
They are accustomed to being ruled; being deferential to their betters; being grateful for any noblesse oblige; etc.
Will they object to being thrown under the bus? Some may.
Millions will not.

It is no accident that Trump won; he is the logical continuation of GOP "dog whistles". He was a better demagogue than the others.
Not that the GOP really objects to him; he is, after all, one of them.
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