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Trump: Things Wrong
02-01-2017, 10:31 AM
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Trump: Things Wrong
Read the full article on the blog.
Twelve days in: things already wrong--revealed in an annotated short list.
  1. Trump really does not know business. His business vision is as narrow as the rest of his world view. He has no understanding of American enterprises which dominate global markets and whose technology advances lead the global front, especially in artificial or machine intelligence, the future of the cloud, data centers, and the internet of things.He has disrupted the economies of knowledge important to the progress of a huge slice of enterprise and commerce on the planet; he has interrupted supply chains, planning sessions, efficiencies, and added staggering costs to the businesses that he wants to grow jobs. His view is the real estate model. Location-specific, single structures--all of his ventures into products requiring distribution in multi-markets failed.
  2. Trump thinks only on single levels and exclusively uses a win-lose conflict model. He is blind to the tremendous collateral damage his ideas create. His incapacity for multi-level thinking is especially dangerous when applied to issues of international affairs and international security and global trade.By rejecting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trump exposed 12 developing nations on both sides of the Pacific to China's influence and diminished the US opportunity to be the main purchasers of mineral resources of iron, lithium, copper and other metals from Peru, Chile, and gold, oil, and agricultural products from Ecuador, undercutting their national economies, destabilizing their growth at a time the global economy is expanding. Positioned far from Europe, these countries are left with the choice of China or the US as trading partners. The US rejection is a stunning, ridiculously naive view. It will not help workers. It will not create or protect jobs. Instead, it sends these nations into China's arms (their second choice).Protecting jobs was a false flag! The US doesn't have lithium mines or a stockpiled supply, yet it is in high demand in industries that are large consumers of non-electric energy--from mobile phones to forklifts. Conversely, Peru has the world's largest supplier, eager to do business with the US. In fact, most of the industries on both sides of the Pacific, clothes making, call centers, mining, forestry, fishing would not be recollected under any conditions; wages are too low, costs are too high.

    Thailand, now the second largest growing economy in SE Asia is tied to forestry and fishing; both products could be imported and support higher paying US jobs in carpentry and the building trades and the American hospitality industry. Neither import would take away industrial jobs or stifle growth. Lastly, is industrial jobs the way to the future? Is so, which ones? I have argued for rails, an industry undergoing a phenomenal global expansion (including the trillion dollar One Belt, One Road infra-structure project that expeditiously ties China and SE Asia to global trade with Europe and Africa through new rails and port facilities) in which the US only has a nominal share of under 3 percent, despite the need for heavy industry, high tech, extruded interiors, and global financing which is America's wheel house!

    Criticised for enhancing corporate power, the TPP was the first international trade agreement that included worker protections. Wages, safety, working conditions, employment rights are areas covered for the first time. That coverage prevented corporations playing nations off of each other in a game of divide and conquer to seek and maintain low wages; for the first time workers and nations had a collective agreement that created a common firewall of resistance.
  3. Trump is out of step in every domestic policy he envisions and his opposition includes his base. He is wrong on Obamacare. (He ignores the massive demonstrations in cities around the country, in Republican Congressional districts, in protests in Capitol Hill offices.) HIs miscalculations on immigration and security threats are staggering. The human costs, flashed around the world, make this a huge loss for the US as a bastion of freedom and strength against fear and suffering--the contrasted heightened by demonstrations at airports by citizens who are confronting the policies with signs that make clear America has no fear of humanity whose diversity includes different religions and a rainbow of colors; Americans demanding the right of entry for those Trump has locked out.Trump is wrong about choice. His belief he can take over Chicago with a federal mandate. His Supreme Court pick. He ignored ethical issues in selecting a cabinet that includes a doctor who used his House seat to benefit from insider trading tied to bills he specifically introduced for corporate and private benefit; an Education Secretary who has never been a teacher/principal/superintendent but worked to privatize Michigan schools to the tune $1.6 billion annually without any improvement in student performance; a Labor Secretary who opposes rising the minimum wage who is guilty of wage theft; a former state Attorney General who often sued the agency he was picked to head!And do we really need a justice on the Supreme Court with a 250-year old mind set? Whose sense of the law is guided by a time when the material issues of society were far different than today? How can he adapt an unchanging view to change?

    This is a typical conservative shibboleth: to put the law above the people it serves. By fixing its existence, the constitution protects only those who granted themselves the original powers built from freedom--limits were intentionally designed to protect the powers assigned to a few and denied freedoms to others.

    Conservative jurists wrap the law around a colonial model, but real limits—then and now—were imposed upon members/groups within society: women, people of color, workers, the poor were denied participation by a constitution that denied them the vote and any legal redress.

    The law rolled up the ladder of opportunity; it sanctioned segregated societies, racist systems of violence and political economy, patriarchal misogyny where women were chattel and abused, and workers exploited. Such was the glory of society governed under original intent!

    Even the slightest shift in law opens the way for a return of these dysfunctions! Original intent is a hypocrisy! It is a philosophical frame whose real intent—then and now—is to preserve power. The Senate should vote no on Judge Gorsuch's nomination. His view of the law is inconsistent with progress. He lives in a day surrounded by yesterdays; we live in a world surrounded by tomorrows.
  4. Lastly, Trump own demons, his concatenation of insecurities, self-loathing, impulsiveness, violent fantasies, deep investment in racist beliefs, overt acts of assaults on women; his use of fantasies and lies interchangeably to make up a reality, his efforts to humiliate his criticism through blanket condemnations, slurs, and labels, his limited focus, his unwillingness to embrace the job, his limited vocabulary make the US a laughingstock and in danger of being influenced within and without by enemies of its values and material success--by those who seek to seize power by preying on a fool to blind to see his stupidity and inadequacy--a man who revels in his faults because he is incapable of doing better. To compensate, he has his own Rasputin.His casinos failed. He's declared multiple bankruptcies. He took full page ads to demand the death penalty for four teenagers later found innocent and exonerated. He insulted a Methodist preacher (a woman). He continually tried to shame and brow beat women. He spoke to the black community from white suburbs and then did a drive-by inner city photo-op. He has never supported civil rights or voting rights. He launched a tweet battle against John Lewis which resulted in a Congressional boycott of his inauguration. His hatred of Barack is visceral and evil.When he was sworn in, Michelle Obama did not fix her hair. It was in a modified pony tail. Obviously, she was ready to go to Target.
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RE: Trump: Things Wrong
I go to sleep at night fighting the DTs. Meaning the ugly things he is doing to this country, the cronies of ill repute, the world looking at us like a new monster rising. You say it so well. DT is ignorant and the ignorant think they're the smart ones, never realizing he doesn't like them either and makes fun of their worship of him as his due.

Thank you Walt. Hug

My President is Barack Obama.
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