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If you know the name 'Francis Urquhart', check this out
01-28-2013, 06:11 AM
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If you know the name 'Francis Urquhart', check this out
This should be good:

Quote:Kevin Spacey stars in ‘House of Cards,’ a political thriller that starts Feb. 1 (Netflix)

...With the tale opening at a fancy New Year’s Eve party ringing in the start of 2013, House Majority Whip Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey, chillingly evil) immediately breaks the fourth wall, smugly introducing viewers to some of the key players in the room, including the newly elected president. Everything quickly unravels when Underwood, promised the job of secretary of state, is passed over for the position. The president’s press secretary (Sakina Jaffrey) condescendingly tells him he’s needed more in Congress than the State Department.

Underwood begins to wreak havoc on everyone around him on Capitol Hill. This is with the help of his equally devious wife, Claire (Robin Wright), and an ambitious young reporter, Zoe (Kate Mara), who is desperate to ditch the Fairfax City Council beat for her own investigative blog — which makes her a joke among the old-timers in the newsroom.

....About half of the show’s scenes were filmed around Baltimore, with the other half on a soundstage about 20 miles north, in Edgewood in Harford County. Thanks to the number of episodes ordered and the elaborate size of the production, the Maryland Film Office is thrilled with the economic boost to the state, from the number of local hires to the Maryland vendors used during filming.

“When all is said and done, it will probably be the largest production that has ever shot in Maryland,” said Jack Gerbes, director of the Maryland Film Office. “We’re still running numbers . . . but it was just an amazing production, the sheer size and scale and scope of it.”
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