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A "well regulated militia". Yes, you MUST be well regulated to own that AR-15 (5.56)
12-31-2012, 09:47 AM
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A "well regulated militia". Yes, you MUST be well regulated to own that AR-15 (5.56)
If you're not part of a "well regulated" militia, then you shouldn't be running around with a military-style weapon designed to make it easy to mow down human beings with extremely deadly bullets. The violently destructive .223 NATO round as rapidly fired by the AR-15 is not a reasonable civilian weapon.

IF you want to sign up for and be "well regulated" in a militia group, then you can have access to these weapons. IF you think you should have these weapons without being part of a "well regulated militia", then you are violating the constitution and there should be consequences for those who ignore our constitution.

So, let's follow the 2nd amendment to the letter and force people who want to own military style weapons to be "well regulated". All the government has to do is specify the popular AR-15 (5.56 or equivalent) as a militia-only weapon. Then ONLY those in a well regulated militia or the military could possess such weapons. How can anybody have a problem with this? Want to own an AR-15 (or equivalent)? OK, but we're going to regulate you - meaning we're going to keep track of you as we can't have groups running around planning an insurrection. It's so obvious what the founding fathers meant, especially when you consider than the military was mostly "bring your own" when it came to weapons back then.

Confirmed, Fox "news" makes you stupid

The ones you are noticing are more terrified than anything else. They are lashing out because they are comfortable; and to acknowledge what is happening is a threat to that comfort. Ignore them, for they are not the voices that will rise in the coming days, months and years. They are not the voices of our collected humanity. They are the old voices of fear and impotence. - Anonymous
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