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TO: Rick Santorum (R-Frothy Mix)
12-06-2012, 08:44 PM
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TO: Rick Santorum (R-Frothy Mix)
Read the full article on the blog.

Dear Ricky:

Well, it seems I’m still on your mailing list – the one compiled for your incredibly abysmal presidential campaign, which has now been assumed by your equally idiotic venture, “Patriot Voices.” I suppose I could unsubscribe – but where’s the fun in that? To be honest, I’d miss the laughs.

Your latest diatribe begins:

"President Obama isn't only insisting that House Republicans raise taxes. He's also refusing to make any major spending cuts! But I imagine you haven't heard that on the news.”

No, actually I haven’t heard that on the news. Maybe that’s because it isn’t true. While I have little respect for the mainstream news media these days, every once in a while they actually refrain from passing utter bullshit off as the truth.  Granted, it’s a more rare occurrence than it should be, but these are the times in which we live.

“We need to make sure the American people understand that the Obama Administration is refusing to negotiate and that the President is the one who is going to cause tax rates for middle class Americans to skyrocket.”

Well, here’s the thing, Ricky: the above statement is exactly the kind of bullshit I was referring to. What this all comes down to – in terms simple enough for even you to grasp – is that your party wants social programs (which assist those among us in dire need) pared down to the bone, so that billionaires won’t face the horrific prospect of paying higher taxes that amount to a pittance as compared to their wealth.

Now, when you can explain the fairness of that concept, I’ll be all ears. But so far, I haven’t heard word one from your side of the aisle to justify the idea that hard-working middle-class Americans and/or the poor should tighten their belts in order for a CEO making seven figures a year to maintain his lifestyle.

“Right now the American people are only hearing one side of the story. Every day they are being bombarded with liberal propaganda about how the President is acting ‘responsibly.’”

I can understand your confusion. Acting "responsibly" is as alien to you and your Republican colleagues as things like empathy, fairness, justice, etc.  I admit to my own confusion when you refer to "liberal propaganda" – did you mean to say "the truth"? I’ve noticed a decided penchant for right-wingers to confuse the two.

“However, the truth is the President hasn't budged one inch in his belief that spending shouldn't be significantly cut and entitlements don't need to be reformed. He even wants to raise the debt ceiling!”

Oh, noes! Obama wants to raise the debt ceiling in order to deal with the financial clusterfuck your party created! You do realize that the debt ceiling was raised seven times during the Dubya administration (hey, remember him!?!) and, funnily enough, I don’t remember your big fuckin’ yap being opened even once. In fact, I don’t remember your fellow party members even questioning where that money would come from, or whose pockets it would eventually wind up in without a scintilla of accountability. But that was then, and this is now – right, Ricky?

“Republicans are the only adults in Washington. And their position is simple: if the President doesn't agree to cut spending, our economy is headed for disaster!”

Seriously, dude – if the Republicans are the “adults” in Washington, the entire country is headed for disaster. Fortunately, the citizenry recently voted in accordance with who they think the adults are – and it wasn’t the GOP. Unfortunately, the whining cries from the Kiddie Table can still be heard. But we all have our crosses to bear.

“If we are going to force Barack Obama to do right by the American people, then we have to win the public relations battle. Patriot Voices is taking the lead in this fight, and we are going to take the liberal media head on.”

Barack Obama has been doing right by the American people – from his efforts to lead the US down the path to the same kind of healthcare coverage that the rest of the industrialized nations of the world have successfully implemented, to the recognition of the importance of affordable higher learning (something you and your buddies could really use, BTW), to standing up for the rights of gays/lesbians, to attempting to pay down the debt your party’s last Failure-in-Chief was so quick to run up, while you were cheerleading from the sidelines.

As for taking on that non-existent “liberal media” – well, the fact that it IS non-existent and that you’re willing to “take it on” speaks for itself.

“We exposed the truth about the flaws of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and won, and we can do the same here.”

Yeah, that was a great victory, Ricky. Just as an aside, I wonder if you’ve ever considered what life is like for parents of special needs children who don’t have your financial resources to see to their ongoing needs – what with you being a self-proclaimed Christian and all, I would think that might have crossed your mind at some point. Apparently, it hasn’t. Defending the rights of billionaires to pay low tax rates is obviously far more important than the parents of such children to have access to any assistance whatsoever. But, hey, if these kids were really deserving, they should have chosen to be born to wealthier parents, right?

“My goal is to engage the major media outlets, and the Patriot Voices team will use all of our resources to expose the truth about the White House spin machine. I don't think Republicans have been as effective at standing up to Obama and the liberal media as we could be. That's why Patriot Voices is stepping up. “

I note that your latest e-mail asks for financial donations THREE times in one message. And here’s where I can save you and “Patriot Voices” a shitload of money. All you have to do is appear on Fox News – a.k.a. the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. They eat this shit up with a spoon, and it won’t cost you a thin dime. The folks over there will be more than happy to catapult the bullshit – which makes me wonder exactly why you need money, and exactly where that money will wind up. Hmmm.

As always, Ricky, it’s been a slice talking to you. If you had an IQ above the idiocy range, a modicum of common sense, a slight inkling as to how the nation wound up with the deficit Obama is trying to pay down, a bit of empathy for those in need, a smidge of compassion for anyone in the below-billionaire tax range, and even a passing concern for your fellow citizens, you might be someone worth listening to.

But as things stand, you are just the same old jackass you’ve always been – which may endear you to your party, but leaves the rest of us wondering just where the fuck you get off.

As is my wont, I am amusingly astounded by your Frothiness – and your unerring ability to open your mouth just often enough to prove how selfishly clueless you really are.

--- Nance Greggs
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12-06-2012, 10:29 PM
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RE: TO: Rick Santorum (R-Frothy Mix)
Such is the life of the frothy one.

Confirmed, Fox "news" makes you stupid

The ones you are noticing are more terrified than anything else. They are lashing out because they are comfortable; and to acknowledge what is happening is a threat to that comfort. Ignore them, for they are not the voices that will rise in the coming days, months and years. They are not the voices of our collected humanity. They are the old voices of fear and impotence. - Anonymous
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12-07-2012, 08:36 PM
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Screwy RE: TO: Rick Santorum (R-Frothy Mix)
Patriot Voices is verbal smegma. I guess with Rove on the bench Santorum is angling for a job on Pox (deliberate typo) News.

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