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It's time to get the computers out of elections
11-26-2012, 02:36 AM
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It's time to get the computers out of elections
At least, out of the balloting. They are manipulable, period. It's nice that we won as well as we did three weeks ago, but my suspicion is that we did better than we think. Karl Rove's incredulous reaction to Ohio on election night indicates that he didn't just expect a different result, but that he had planned on a different result. I believe his reaction of incredulity was one of someone who had planted a tulip and couldn't believe it when a daffodil sprang up.

Computer glitches aren't restricted to the United States, either. About 20 years ago, my wife, a German citizen, went to vote in the won where we hang our hats in Germany. She was told at the polling place that she couldn't vote here, as her legal residence was in München (Munich), which is at the other end of Germany from where we are. No amount of protesting worked. She showed them her ID and driver's license. She has never lived in Munich in her life. They still wouldn't let her vote. She finally got the idea to tell the city officials to look up our two daughters, at the time ages 7 and 5. They found them, listed on their computer at our true residence here in the Rheinland. She then demanded the officials either arrest her for child abandonment or let her vote. They let her vote.

Bring back paper ballots, and make it a first class felony to commit electoral fraud. Ten years mandatory for willful election result manipulation. Ditch the computers.

"Believe those who seek the truth. Doubt those who find it."--André Gide
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11-26-2012, 06:21 AM
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RE: It's time to get the computers out of elections
I too think we should eliminate voting machines. I believe President Obama actually won North Carolina, and that he won Ohio by a larger margin than recorded. I really do.

Ohio's voting machines strangely go down every presidential election, around the same time. This is so wrong. I think paper ballots should be used in all states from now on.

Karl Rove, and Romney were just too sure they were going to win. Romney had already purchased expensive fireworks to display over Boston Harbor, had his transition website up. I believe they knew the fix was in place.
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11-26-2012, 09:51 AM
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Agree to a point.
We perform too many races and ballot propositions to go with a full manual count. Twould take too long and invite more shenanigans. It's time to end the state monopoly on interrogating the ballots in an automated fashion:

Quote:This problem has been solved in other situations.

We have lotza experience counting and verifying lotza bitza paper in other industries:

These machines are trusted because all parties to the transaction have benefit of such technology, on top of the backup of manual counting.

The problem with ballot counting rite now is that only the state can utilize such technology. Given ballot and systemic standards, We the People could collate and verify the states tally nation-wide on election night:

Paperless systems will never be trustworthy because the average citizen cannot verify their operation.

The solution isn't returning to slow, tamper-prone manual counting nationwide, but rather a ubiquitous automated solution that puts all parties (the state, majority and minority) on the same footing.

Two cents.
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