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Harry Reid vs Mitt Romney
10-09-2012, 07:22 AM
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Harry Reid vs Mitt Romney
Why Harry Reid Hates Mitt Romney
The majority leader becomes the lead attack dog. “Distaste for Romney whom he thinks lacks any foundational principles or spine.”
Posted Oct 8, 2012 11:02pm EDT

DENVER, Colo. — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's scathing attacks on everything from Mitt Romney’s personal integrity to his devotion to his faith won't be going away for one simple reason, people close to the Democrat say: Reid personally, deeply loathes Mitt Romney.

<..> “Reid is doing all this on his own," said a source close to the Democratic leader. "This is his instinct at work combined with his distaste for Romney whom he thinks lacks any foundational principles or spine, and appears to feel entitled to gentler-than-normal treatment. Reid thinks that if you're going to get in the ring you should be ready to take some punches."

<..> Reid’s no-holds-barred attack on Romney’s religious life last month was instructive, both in its intensity, and in Reid’s capacity to go after Romney in a way that no other Democrat can.

<..> But Manley also said the religious digs went deeper than political opportunism, and reflected Reid’s genuinely dim view of Romney’s fealty to Mormon teachings about compassion and taking care of the needy.

Good article. Give him hell Harry!

My President is Barack Obama.
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